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Why Choose Us

Providing effective solutions since 2009


Honest and Dependable

We strive to provide the highest standards to all our clients.


We Are Always Improving

We enjoy receiving feedback and with our clients help we continue to develop and learn by ensuring that we are up-to-date. 


We Are Passionate

We aim to help reduce stress and improve wellbeing in the workplace. We will help give you tools to manage this.


Here are a few examples and we can give you lots more on request

It was an interesting day and I learnt a lot. Will conduct regular stress risk assessment. Trainer was knowledgeable and informative.

Try to put into action the coping mechanisms that I learned. Trainer was fabulous.

I found the course beneficial and enjoyable. I will practice the tips given going forward. The course was taught well and it helps knowing others are feeling the same way.


About Us

Ensuring a proactive rather than a reactive approach to managing stress effectively. 

Our Amazing clients

YSM Solutions (originally Your Stress Management) was founded by Jessica Smyrl who had and still has a passion to help to reduce stress within the workplace. After training hundreds of people on managing stress including senior management teams to all employees within a company or an organisation, she still is delighted to hear how her processes do work and continue to evolve with great feedback. 

Established since 2009

YSM Solutions is an established provider of training and consultancy services to help organisations manage effectively complex and diverse problems within the workplace caused by stress, bullying at work, harassment and other inappropriate behaviour.