Dealing with Difficult People can be challenging

Find out more about Assertiveness and Confidence Building course

  1. Are you having difficulties dealing with problem and difficult people? 
  2. Feel that you are being taken advantage of?
  3. Feel helpless and unable to stand up for yourself?
  4. Are you being bullied and shouted at?
  5. Are aggressive people causing you to feel under extreme pressure?
  6. Are you lacking in confidence?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to some of the above, come along to the Assertiveness and  Confidence Building training and learn lots of new techniques to help you be more assertive and more confident. 

This course will help you to gain tools and techniques to boost your confidence and build your  self-esteem. You will gain practical help to deal with situations assertively and not aggressively at work and how to be more confident. To build and improve relationships with others at work and in any situation. 

You will find out how to build respect with others, important verbal communication techniques, and also  how body language can impact on us.

Outline Programme:

● Confidence and assertiveness – what are they really? 

● Saying ‘No’ positively and without causing offence to others

● Learn how to be assertive without aggression

● How to improve communications skills and build your confidence

●  How to deal effectively with disagreement and conflict

● How to deal with and survive aggressive behaviour

By the end of the course each delegate will be able to: 

● Explain the difference between assertiveness and aggression

● Explain how to say no without offending

● Describe how to be assertive rather than aggressive

● Improve communication skills and be more confident

● Be less apprehensive and understand how language and body language is important to assertiveness. 

● Be confident in dealing with aggression, dominance, conflict and criticism

● Explain how to improve relationships

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