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IIRSM approved Stress Awareness-Physical, Mental and Emotional Wellbeing Half day course raises awareness of the likely sources and causes of stress within the workplace and at home. It is an introduction to manage and reduce personal stress. It will enable participants to identify stress in themselves and in others.

Mental Health Awareness
Either a half day for full day course.
Explain mental health and mental wellbeing
Describe stigma and impact on mental health
Explain the impact of stress, anxiety, depression and burnout on our physical and mental wellbeing
Recognising early warning signs mental health conditions
Explain how to look after your own mental health and others
Recognise how to become resilient and how to improve mental and physical health


Resilience training

More information on our sister
website here

Dignity at Work

This popular onsite training is 1.5 hours and most staff attend as it is good not only awareness at induction but to give an overview with updates on legislation. With bullying and harassment increasing at work, this is essential training for all staff to attend.

Bullying at Work

To raise awareness of bullying within the workplace
Identify what is bullying and the impact on individuals
Explain the legal position
To recognise and prevent bullying behaviours
To provide practical solutions and tools to address bullying in the workplace and prevention of bullying.
To enable and build mutual trust, respect and safety of all within the workplace


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